Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Psychology Book

interesting psychology

Hi everyone,

The kindle version of my new Psychology book is available for free for the next 5 days (May 17-21) See following links. (USA Link) (UK Link)

The book is based on topics I've posted about over the last six years which have stood out in terms of the response they elicited, be that in number of likes, comments made, how often the post was shared etc. This type of content makes you think, it's relevant to people's lives, it challenges assumptions and makes you exclaim "Well I never!" Basically, it's about things that most people just find incredibly interesting. Hence the title of the book.

If you have any problems with the links above, just go the Amazon website in your country and type "Incredibly Interesting Psychology" into the search box.

No kindle? No problem. Just CLICK HERE to download Amazon's free Kindle reading app.

Really hope you enjoy the book, I started writing it over 2 years ago! Please let me know what you think and also please feel free to share this post with anybody interested in psychology.

All the very best,


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Kandinsky said...

Thanks for doing this.

I'll download it as soon as I can get on a Windows machine as I don't have a Kindle and run Ubuntu.