Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Michael Gazzaniga Gifford Lectures

The Science of Mind Constraining Matter

For over a hundred years the Gifford Lecture series has been one of the foremost academic forums dealing with religion, science and philosophy. In 2009 Neuroscientist and professor of psychology Michael Gazzaniga delivered 6 lectures under the series title: The Science of Mind Constraining Matter.

Lecture 1: What We Are?

Lecture 2: The Distributed Cerebral Networks of Mind.

Lecture 3: The Brain Divided: Discovering The "Interpreter."

Lecture 4: The Meaning of Being Free.

Lecture 5: The Social Brain.

Lecture 6: We Are The Law.

All of these outstanding lectures are now available as a playlist on the Psychology YouTube channel. See following link.

Michael Gazzaniga Gifford Lectures

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Michael Gazzaniga Gifford Lectures

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