Sunday, October 26, 2008

War of The Ghosts


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This psychology blog post arose from a query posted on the psychology questions section of the website, namely:

I have been searching the Internet trying to find a copy of a tale used in an experiment on memory. I thought it was used by Watson or James (not really sure). Anyway, it had something to do with warriors and canoes.

The experiment in question was by British psychologist Sir Frederic Bartlett who used a Native American folk tale "The War of The Ghosts" to test the notion of 'schema', namely the cultural and historical contextualisation of memory.

I'd forgotten (no pun intended) just how interesting and important this research was; and in the process of revisiting it, I came across an excellent radio broadcast on the subject which you can listen to in full by Clicking Here

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War of The Ghosts

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lauran said...

This post is very nice and interesting. I want to tell that I believe in ghosts. And I like this post very much.
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