Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Festive Psychology


With the holiday season upon us I thought it would be appropriate to showcase a couple of psychology articles related to this special time of the year.

Tis the Season: The Psychology Behind Christmas Cards

Article by Jesse Bering which looks at psychological studies that have examined Christmas card behavior.

Click Here To Read The Article.

Give Holiday Shopping Stress the Heave-Ho (and Spend Less too!)

Suzie Pileggi shares some thoughts on applying the principles of positive psychology to the everyday-demands of life.

Click Here To Find Out if You Are A Satisficer or A maximizer.

Happy holidays everybody and all the very best for 2009.

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Festive Psychology


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Asphodel said...

Wow I hope you haven't stopped writing this blog! I've been looking around for a good psychology blog forever!!!!!!!!!! Will go through all your links now! :-)

Happyinthe*sun said...

This blog is really interesting and appealing to me. I love psychology since I first started studying it, and now that I'm taking my first steps as a college / university student i like it even more. I must congratulate you for this blog and also for your studies in the area. (Ah! I'm portuguese, I often read about some researches taking place in Spain, they are also really great :))