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Conditioned Emotional Reactions (The Case of Little Albert) By John B. Watson and Rosalie Rayner

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In 1920 John B. Watson ("Father of Behaviorism") and Rosalie Rayner attempted to show how fear could be induced in an infant through classical conditioning.

Watson and Rayner published the results of their research in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. Entitled Conditioned Emotional Reactions their research became one of the most (in)famous psychology studies ever conducted and was soon to be known forever as "The Case of Little Albert".

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Conditioned Emotional Reactions

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Conditioned Emotional Reactions: The Case of Little Albert

What Happened to Little Albert?

Towards the end of Conditioned Emotional Reactions, Watson and Rayner included the following heading and text:

"Detachment" or removal of conditioned emotional responses.

Unfortunately Albert was taken from the hospital the day the above tests were made. Hence the opportunity of building up an experimental technique by means of which we could remove the conditioned emotional responses was denied us.

The fate of little Albert had remained a mystery for almost a century. Until Now.

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Conditioned Emotional Reactions

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