Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Exploring Psychology: Dr. David Brodbeck's Psychology Lectures

Exploring Psychology

Another excellent psychology resource is Dr. David Brodbeck's blog which allows visitors to listen to the psychology lectures he has delivered to psychology students at Algoma University, Canada. The lectures cover a wide range of topics within major fields of research e.g. social psychology, developmental psychology and cognitive psychology. These topic areas include, perception, memory, intelligence, motivation and there are several lectures dedicated to research methods and statistics.

In addition to broadcasting lectures on core psychology topics, Dr Brodbeck's podcasts also cover very useful material for students in general e.g. study skills.

If you are thinking about studying psychology, make sure you listen to the following podcast. It features Dr Brodbeck giving a talk to Grade 12 students on what psychology is and how to get through the transition from highschool to University.

What is psychology and what is University really like?

 Dr. David Brodbeck\'s Psychology Lectures from Algoma - Bonus Episode! What is Psychology and What is University really like?
You can access all Dr Brodbeck's lectures by Clicking Here

This is one psychology resource that you should definitely bookmark for future reference.

Exploring Psychology


Dave said...

Thsnks for the mention. You can get all of the power point slides as well on the blog.

I never know how well the jokes travel across the ocean though, some of them are rather Candian centric :-)


Dave said...

Oh, and one more thing, people should feel free to comment on the lectures at the blog. I moderate them, but only to keep out spam, so it may take a few hours for any cocmments to show up, but please feel free to participate.