Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carl Rogers

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The latest addition to the psychology journal article collection provides a fascinating insight into the thinking of Carl Rogers, one of the most influential and eminent psychologists of the 20th Century.

Carl Rogers describes this particular paper as "a highly personal document, written primarily for myself, to clarify an issue which has become increasingly puzzling." An issue he describes as follows:

As I have acquired experience as a therapist, carrying on the exciting, rewarding experience of psychotherapy, and as I have worked as a scientific investigator to ferret out some of the truth about therapy, I have become increasingly conscious of the gap between these two roles. The better therapist I have become (as I believe I have), the more I have been vaguely aware of my complete subjectivity when I am at my best in this function, And as I have become a better investigator, more "hardheaded" and more scientific (as I believe I have) I have felt an increasing discomfort at the distance between the rigorous objectivity of myself as scientist and the almost mystical subjectivity of myself as therapist. This paper is the result.

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Carl Rogers.

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Carl Rogers

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