Saturday, February 20, 2010

Group And Individual Performance

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This outstanding paper presents an analysis of studies done in the years 1920-1957 which contrast the quality of performance by individuals and by groups in diverse situations. Group and individual performance is considered in relation to judgment, learning, social facilitation, problem solving, memory and productivity.

This is a must read publication for anybody interested in social psychology, team work, group processes etc. Also psychology students looking for project ideas and or psychology experiments to replicate will find a goldmine of opportunites here.

You can access this article via the following link.

Group And Individual Performance

This publication forms part of an initiative designed to make important public domain works in psychology freely available. See following link for more details and to access the full collection.

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Group And Individual Performance


infoturn psychotherapy said...

At those time, this research was probably a revelation. Nevertheless, the study is extremely interesting and it's always nice to see how psychology developed during years.

Tatiana V. said...

Thank you for these captivating resources.

One never stops learning...