Friday, July 8, 2011

Psychoanalysis Articles

For anybody interested in the history and influence of psychoanalysis there is now a classic psychoanalysis articles on Kindle section over at the main psychology website. See following link for full details.

Psychoanalysis Articles

The Psychology Student Survival Guide (100% Free)

A must have resource designed to help psychology students at each and every stage of their educational journey.

The iPhone/iPad version of the guide can be downloaded via the iTunes app store by clicking on the following link.

Psych Guide App

The text version of the guide can be downloaded via the following link.

Psych Guide PDF

Psychoanalysis Articles

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Subconscious Groove said...

Even though many professionals and scholars thumb their noses at Freud's work he was and remains a pure genius. Everybody knows his writings on sexuality and psychoanalysis, but he explored other areas of the human project that most have never even been exposed to -- his thoughts on grief come to mind. Despite the fact that the science he helped fashion has passed him by, his theories are essential reading for anybody interested in the wisdom generated by the great minds of our age.