Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Music, Learning & The Brain


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Just read a very interesting research article on the power of music to facilitate learning. Published in the journal Psychology of Music, authors Joseph M Piro and Camilo Ortiz from Long Island University, found that music tuition can help children improve reading skills. As part of their quasi-experimental study, One group of children studied piano formally for three years, while a control group had no exposure to music lessons, either in school or via private study. Results showed that the experimental music tuition group had significantly better vocabulary and verbal sequencing scores at post-test compared to the control group.

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Psychology of Music

There is a page dedicated to music psychology on the All About Psychology website which you can access via the following link.

Psychology of Music

Music & The Brain

Fascinating lecture by Aniruddh Patel, Ph.D, Senior Fellow in Theoretical Neurobiology of the Neurosciences Institute, San Diego, CA. In the following video Dr Patel discusses what music can teach us about the brain, and what brain science, in turn, can reveal about music.

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Music, Learning & The Brain


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