Saturday, April 4, 2009

Genes To Cognition: An Outstanding Neuropsychology Resource

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This excellent first-of-its-kind website went live on the 16th March to coincide with International Brain Awareness Week. Genes to Cognition (G2C) is aimed at biology and psychology students, as well as families who are facing mental health problems and interested members of the public.

The website includes fasinating insights from more than 70 neuroscientists from across Europe and the United States, who provide different perspectives on genetic, neural, and cognitive approaches to understanding human behavior.

G2C Online is distinguished both by its content and the innovative way in which this interactive content is presented. As you explore the site your perspective shifts from one point to another, the effect of which is to emphasize the connections between known elements in brain circuitry, neuroanatomy, and brain function and dysfunction; particularly in the context of specific brain illnesses such as autism, schizophrenia, bipolar illness, and depression.

Visitors can access an extensive library of unique items including excellent 3-D brain, animations, demonstrations, videos, and experiments.

Click Here to check out this excellent resource.

Further related information and resources can be found over at the main website (see following link)

Biological Psychology.

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Genes To Cognition: An Outstanding Neuropsychology Resource

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